Testosterone and the recession: What goes around comes around?

Back in October a study found that high testosterone levels were associated with higher levels of financial risk-taking. Now comes the blowback, as Andrew Sullivan notes:

Tina Beatie attacks testosterone:

...it is interesting to note that Pope Benedict has recently suggested that there is a close connection between original sin and the greed that has created the current economic crisis. It is also notable that the credit crunch has been created by a profession that is almost exclusively male. In the line-up of failed bankers, not a single woman's name has appeared. Male greed has proven to be a murderous sin, destroying the livelihoods of millions, bringing down economies and social institutions and threatening starvation to the most vulnerable people on earth.

But it's not as if men have escaped the brunt of recession. They are losing their jobs in far greater numbers than women.

That people take risks and get greedy shouldn't be news, of course. The crash was due to a wee few regulatory problems as well -- and the mistaking of a fuzzy risk formula as a save haven, as described beautifully by Felix Salmon recently in Wired.

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Feh. If it wasn't for women, men would just live like bears in the forest. The cause of greed is that women will only mate with the man with the biggest spear, the most goats.

See? Sexism works both ways.