Gleanings from round the net, Apr 1 2010


from "Would dew believe it: The stunning pictures of sleeping insects covered in water droplets," at the Daily Mail

Given the day, we find both foolishness and meat.

Fun stuff first:

Science, Nature Team Up on New Journal - ScienceNOW

Does the WTF1 gene trigger the inferior supra-credulus? @edyong209 falls for the whole thing:

Getting real:

Is the Mirror Neuron theory unfalsifiable?: Greg Hickok thinks so.

Pfizer paid $35m to MDs and Researchers. Latter claim $ doesn't influence practice.. Somebody's mistaken.

Motherly love may alter genes for the better | Science | The Guardian

Simon Singh wins his libel appeal; huge but expensive victory for open discussion

âThis is a very unique opportunity, once in a lifetime." Archaeologists excavate Shakespeare's home via @PD_Smith:


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