Gleanings from round the net, Apr 1 2010


from "Would dew believe it: The stunning pictures of sleeping insects covered in water droplets," at the Daily Mail

Given the day, we find both foolishness and meat.

Fun stuff first:

Science, Nature Team Up on New Journal - ScienceNOW

Does the WTF1 gene trigger the inferior supra-credulus? @edyong209 falls for the whole thing:

Getting real:

Is the Mirror Neuron theory unfalsifiable?: Greg Hickok thinks so.

Pfizer paid $35m to MDs and Researchers. Latter claim $ doesn't influence practice.. Somebody's mistaken.

Motherly love may alter genes for the better | Science | The Guardian

Simon Singh wins his libel appeal; huge but expensive victory for open discussion

âThis is a very unique opportunity, once in a lifetime." Archaeologists excavate Shakespeare's home via @PD_Smith:


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I'll try doing this now and then, maybe regularly, to gather the more notable tweets I get in my twitter feed. Darwin2009: Population-level traits that affect, and do not affect, invasion success jayrosen_nyu: "The New York Times is now as much a technology company as a…
I was wrong. I know it doesn't happen that often, but I'm forced to admit it. I was wrong. I predicted that Simon Singh would likely lose his appeal against an astonishing illiberal ruling on his libel case by Sir David Eady. Singh, as you may recall, is the British science writer who wrote a now…
Greg Hickok thinks so. (via Instapaper) Posted via email from David Dobbs's Somatic Marker
Today is a great day. Today, British science writer Simon Singh accomplished something I would never have believed possible, given British libel laws and a very bad ruling by Sir David Eady, the presiding judge, a ruling characterized as astonishingly illiberal. Despite the long odds, Singh…