Opening Science to All at ASIS&T

Back at delightful Mocha's cafe on the corner...

We just finished our session at the ASIS&T conference: Opening Science to All: Implications of Blogs and Wikis for Social and Scholarly Scientific Communication, organized by K.T. Vaughan, moderated by Phillip Edwards. Janet Stemwedel, Jean-Claude Bradley and I were the panelists. There were about 50-60 people in the audience who asked some excellent questions afterwards.

I started off with defining science blogs and various uses they can be put to, in particular how they interact with other ways of scientific communication such as Open Access publications. Jean-Claude then focused on Open Notebook science and his experience in using blogs, wikis and other online tools in his own research and building research collaborations. Janet finished the session with a look at the way science blogging is changing the structure and culture of the world of science (or not - she is sitting next to me typing her own version of this so see what she say about it).

The entire session was recorded in a couple of different media and I will tell you once it appears online somewhere. I am aware of only two pictures taken, though, right after the session - Janet is showing us another one of the many sides of her multi-faceted nature as she responds to a question by an NIH guy...

i-831b283067e1dff252492b97c5790d6f-ASIS&T 001.jpg
i-59ff6dcc409f7a8050a1460ce3260e02-ASIS&T 002.jpg

The links from my presentation are under the fold:

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