Climate Change Science Search Engine

This search engine will scan a large number of sites known to have good climate change related information on them.

Below is a list of sites scanned. If you know of a site that is not included here but that should be, please put a link in the comments. Don't bother with climate science denialist sites, they will not be added.

Also note that many sites are parts of larger domains. So if the site you suggest is already part of, for example, Scienceblogs, The Guardian, etc. then it is already on the list by default. This, of course, means that some of the hits from this search engine will be not "certified" as part of this excellent list of sources because a large domain could have science denialism lurking around on it. But for the most part, the results of this search should be pretty useful. Also, since some very large domains are searched you may want to use some climate change related keywords. For example, searching for the term "hiatus" by itself will get you links for broadway shows taking a hiatus. But searching for "global warming hiatus" will get you (mostly) links about the so-called "pause" in global warming.

There are also aggregating or linky sites on this list so there may be some redundancy in your search results, but there is not much one can do about that.



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It's funny, while it's ordered alphabetically, that in the first blog a guy is writing that he is not a climate scientist, but a science guy, not even describing what kind of science he doe, refuting claims from real climate scientists.

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John, thanks. Duplication is probably not a problem, I'll eventually clean that up.

Whoops - you already had gwfotd. Apologies.

mike above..... uknowispeaksense is well worth listing Greg .
is working on a project which is vital knowledge to all australians

rgds john byatt

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Phillip, sorry about that. Like Bill O'Reilly's tides, I can't explain that. I don't see an earlier comment in spam or moderation.

In any event, that's a great list. I do have some of those on here already but not all.

The Democrats have been playing this global warming game for decades. They are proposing restricting fossil fuel use and planning climate mitigation centers. Restricting fossil fuel use is the same as the medical cure used centuries ago to treat disease–bleeding. It didn’t cure anything and it may kill the patient. Climate mitigation has been taking place since the origin of man. Man discovered putting on cloths made him comfortable when it was cold. We have since added a progression of mitigation schemes that ensures the comfort of man. One example is the umbrella to protect man from rain. The Democrats feel they have to tell you to open the umbrella when it rains. Sensible people already know this and don’t need tax dollars wasted on this malarkey.
James H. Rust, Professor of nuclear engineering
global warming
drug addiction

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