Rotating custom headers

The first thing you'll notice upon your arrival here - apart from the annoying frog that periodically leaps across the top of the page - is one of the gorgeous header images.

There are five customized headers in all; one is randomly selected each time the page is reloaded. The images beautifully illustrate my interests in the history of neuroscience as well as in the latest developments in the field. One of them even has my name on it. Can you find it?

Continue reading for more information about the header images and the two lovely ladies who so kindly created them for me.

The grey-blue header is the work of Bugs 'n' Gas Gal. It includes details of an illustration by Govard Bidloo on the left and a confocal microscopy image of a neuron-semiconductor interface on the right.  

The remaining four headers were created by Jessica Palmer. One of them features an illustration by Jacques Fabien Gaultier d'Agoty merged with a reconstructed three-dimensional fMRI image.

The dark green steampunk header with the phrenological head was inspired by a fantastic blog called Table of Malcontents, which, sadly, died yesterday.

The last two headers were made to resemble an open anatomical atlas, and are very similar. They both include a detail from an illustration and some text by Andreas Vesalius, intermingled with drawings of pyramidal neurons by Santiago Ramón y Cajal.

All I contributed to the headers were the images and the ideas, except for the steampunk header, which Jessica dreamt up all on her own.

THANK YOU to Bugs 'n' Gas Gal and Jessica for the beautiful headers.


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I knew it. I guessed you'd be moving to scienceblogs when you posted that you would be moving. Yay!

Good to see you on here

By Taylor Murphy (not verified) on 01 Jul 2007 #permalink

No way! You moved to science blogs! Congratulations!

Hi Mo,

I think your feeds are not working yet, and you get "Rotating custom headers" in the title of your main page. Just thought you'd want to know. Great that you moved to ScienceBlogs!

The last two headers were made to resemble an open anatomical atlas, and are very similar.

Incredibly similar. I loaded your page 20 times swearing there were only four headers.

Nonetheless, I like them all.