A peek into my week in Egypt


I'm back in London after a hectic - but fantastic - week in Egypt. Of the hundreds of photographs that I took on the trip, this is one of my favourites. It shows part of old Cairo as seen through a peephole in the minaret of a medieval mosque. I'll be posting more of my photos (of both this extraordinary city and of Alexandria) at weekends.

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Spectacular photo but I believe it's spelled "peek".

Thanks. I realized that soon after I posted it, but by that time I had shut down the computer and was too tired to fix it.

P.S. I believe it's "spelt" not "spelled"!

Wonderful photo.

P.S. I believe "peep" is the correct spelling.

Hi, Mo, welcome back home where we correct your spelling and argue with you. I love the photo and I vote for spelt.

By carolyn13 (not verified) on 26 Nov 2007 #permalink

beautiful photo.
spelled is correct, as is the original peephole.
why should it matter though? blogs should be as individual as the person posting them, otherwise theyd all be the same.
:> <3

By diancecht_healer (not verified) on 09 Dec 2007 #permalink

Spelled is the more frequent spelling in the U.S., but both are correct except when referring to the grain, spelt which is always spelled spelt.

And, beautiful photos.