Psychology Today blog network


The bi-monthly American magazine Psychology Today has launched a network of blogs covering a wide variety of topics, including addiction, cognitive science, sports psychology and psychotherapy. 

The network contains more than 80 blogs, many of which are written by researchers who are prominent in their respective fields. I haven't had a look at all of them, but here are a few that caught my eye:

  • Brainstorm, by the editors of the magazine;
  • In Practice, by psychiatrist Peter Kramer, author of Listening to Prozac; and
  • Quirky Little Things, by Jesse Bering, director of the Institute of Cognition and Culture at Queens University, Belfast.

Also, who could fail to notice, or mention, a blog called Great Sex?

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I gotta say, this doesn't excite me. Psychology Today is the absolute worst kind of dumbed down, sensationalistic pop psychology that gives the rest of the field a bad name.

I've never actually read the magazine, even online. But some of the blogs look quite good.

You gotta wonder -- 80 blogs, many on the same or similar topics!?? Sounds like quantity over quality.

And will they promote all 80 equally, or just assume if people start writing hundreds of new words on the website every hour, people will just find the good ones?

By Jerry Lost (not verified) on 21 Jun 2008 #permalink