I don't have internet access where I'm working at the moment, hence the lack of updates this week. For the same reason, blogging is likely to be intermittent for the next week or two.

During that time, I'll be doing some background reading about potential research projects for the final year of my Masters. I also have nearly a dozen books that have been sent to me by authors and publicists.

I'll be posting reviews of those books over the next month. I'm also preparing my interview with Heather Perry (the woman who performed a self-trepanation), and have a major piece of work in the pipeline, so please stay tuned.


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I was recently contacted by Heather Perry, one of the few people in the world who has performed self-trepanation. Ms. Perry has kindly agreed to let me interview her, so I'll be traveling to Gloucestershire later this month to meet her, ask her some questions about the experience, and perhaps take…
Later on today, I'll be travelling to Bristol to meet Heather Perry and interview her about the self-trepanation she performed. If you have a question for Ms. Perry, submit it here. The first migraine-plagued caveman who countered his aching cranium with crudely pounded flint (and lived) surely…
Today is the first day of classes, and to celebrate, I've come down with the Martian death virus that Kate and SteelyKid have had the last few weeks. Joy. This calls for a How to Teach Physics to Your Dog update, to distract myself from the cotton balls and vacuum pump oil that have apparently been…
Mo has the scoop - a fascinating interview with Heather Perry, one of the rare people who voluntarily underwent trepanation surgery.