My Official Farewell

Sci has just tendered her letter of resignation to the Overlords at SEED. This was a very, very hard decision, and it hurts Sci more than she can say. Sci would like to let you know, though, that she hasn't given up blogging!!! She has merely moved back to her old digs. You can find her at Neurotic Physiology, her old place. Please do drop by and visit!

As for my reasons, well, I just want to say that it was not specifically Pepsico that made me feel like I couldn't continue here. There were a multitude of contributing factors, and Pepsico was just a last in a long line.

But don't worry, Sci will be around! I'll see you on the blogs, kids.

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Now, dear SB overlords or whatever - you sucked a big time. Losing one great blogger after another - was it worth it? Sad and stupid. It seems I won't be a SB reader soon.

I'll be reading at the new location.

Heh... the lure of mammon.
It just might be the end of ya, Seedy Overlords...

Regression to the mean causes all great things to end sooner rather than later... but it sucks to have it proven that way. I'll keep reading your blog.

By hat_eater (not verified) on 07 Jul 2010 #permalink

I'm very glad that you didn't quit blogging. I will follow you to Neurotic Physiology.

By Juniper Shoemaker (not verified) on 07 Jul 2010 #permalink

Congratlations ScienceBlogs, you have lost another wonderful blogger. I will be following Sci....

I just started reading you here, but I'll be following you to your new old digs, too.

By Annapolitan (not verified) on 07 Jul 2010 #permalink

I've added your old site to my blogroll because I LOVE your research blogging and the series on neurotransmitters and the poetry and...

Have never posted, but been reading you for ages...

I'll follow you too.

Now all I need is PZ and Orac* to move on to better locations and I won't be involved in ShillBlogs anymore.

*Ed Yong moved to Discover already...

I will miss you here Psi, but if you want another place to hang your hat you'll probably be more than welcome at field of science.

I'll be sure to change my favourites link to your new address! And good luck with continuing blogging. :)

I'll be reading you at the old place.

A pox on the SB overlords.

Just a quick change...mouse moving, clicking...all done! Favourites updated. See you at the new loc.

By Donald Oats (not verified) on 09 Jul 2010 #permalink

See you there, Sci.

@Lab Rat (Wrong 'Sci' =P)

I'll keep following you at Neurotic Physiology, Sci; your blog is a great resource for neuron00bs like me =D

Even better that you're off ScienceBlogs now... something's always bothered me about SB in general. For one thing, too much politics, both external and internal...


PS: And like Lab Rat said, you'd be quite welcome at Field of Science. The admin does a wonderful job at running the place, and the atmosphere kicks ass ^^

Man, I've had my head in a few different deadline holes... finally came out and everyone had changed addresses! Sigh. Okay, off to update my Google Reader with your new location.

You know I'm there! Love your writing and use of perfectly good intellect. :) Humor, too. Thanks for still blogging. I think this is a good move for you.