South African wildlife - Foamy nest frog


This is the last animal we saw on our South African safari, and we found it sitting on top of our conditioner. Thank goodness it wasn't a leopard.

I reckon it's a foamy nest frog, so named for its tendency to lay its eggs into a nest of foamy bubbles overhanging a body of water. I always thought this species had a darker colour but apparently, they become almost white in bright sunlight. Charming little tyke, isn't it?




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Love the 1st photo, Ed. You should send it in to Nat. Geo's "Your Shot."

Adorbs!! I just found a baby mouse in my living room. Probably not as exciting as that exotic frog but still pretty cute.

Foam (not "foamy") Nest Frog. Otherwise great blog ;)

Even you, you say "thanks godness"!
How astonished I was! I hope very much that Richard Dawkins discovers that too.
Have a very good year.
Françoise from Paris.

By françoise Ibarrondo (not verified) on 04 Jan 2010 #permalink

Neato! Foam nest frogs & spittlebugs ahoy!