Metamorphosis - Not Exactly Rocket Science moves to Discover Blogs

i-2bd39ee7253e472ae22c0eb1267edf48-DK_butterfly.jpgI've been teasing a big announcement for a couple of days now, and after a technical delay, here it is - the death of Not Exactly Rocket Science.

And the birth of Not Exactly Rocket Science ;-)

After two brilliant years at ScienceBlogs, I'm evolving, migrating, metastasising, metamorphosing, (retro)transposing and otherwise moving to a new home at Discover Blogs (as one clever commenter correctly guessed yesterday). My inaugural post is now up. 

Being part of this collective has been an amazing experience and I'm incredibly grateful to the crew at ScienceBlogs, and specifically Virginia Hughes, Erin Johnson and Arikia Millikan, for pushing my writing out to a wide audience without ever trying to nudge its direction. Special thanks also to my Scibling friends - there are too many of you to list here but you know who you are and we will undoubtedly keep in touch on Twitter and so on.

It wasn't easy deciding to move to uncharted territory but I'm incredibly excited about joining my esteemed blogging chums Carl Zimmer and Sheril Kirshenbaum (who've already extended the warmest of welcomes), as well as Razib (he's moved too!), Phil Plait, Sean Carroll, Chris Mooney, Andrew Moseman, Smriti Rao, and others. I've been impressed with the stable of writers that Discover have amalgamated and I'm honoured to join their ranks.

I sincerely hope that those of you who currently read my daily musings will follow me to my new abode. I may be relocating but the menu's still the same.  Comments will be closed on this iteration of Not Exactly Rocket Science but all the old posts have moved across, so feel free to continue the discussions there.

So, effective immediately, I will be living at and the new feed is I'll see you over there. In the meantime, please update your feed, bookmarks, links, blogrolls and so on. If you cared to spread the word about the new site to friends, family and colleagues, I would greatly appreciate it.

Up, up and away.


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