OM NOM NOM NOMinations are in for the Research Blogging Awards!


The nominations for the first ever Research Blogging Awards are in! The awards were created to "honor the outstanding bloggers who discuss peer-reviewed research". Nominations were sent in by readers and an panel of judges have selected the finalists. Voting begins in a week's time and bloggers who are registered with the community can cast their votes. I'm in the running for:

I'm really honoured, and doubly so because the panel of judges who selected the finalists reads like a Who's Who of science blogging. I'm also thrilled for several friends who have very deservedly made the list.

If anyone's just come onto the blog for the first time, hello. This blog covers almost nothing else besides peer-reviewed research, except for the occasional opinion piece on science journalism or wildlife photo. If anyone's wondering why I don't use the Research Blogging tag or aggregator that often, check out yesterday's rant about the post-embargo publication window - it's the same reason.

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I was in Boston last two days, and mostly offline, so the news of the announcements of Awards found me on Twitter, on my iPhone during a brief break of the PRI/BBC/Nova/Sigma Xi/WGBH/The World meeting. Thus, apart from a couple of quick retweets, I did not have the opportunity…
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I know you've been on pins and needles waiting to hear, so I'm happy to report that the finalists are out! Congrats to everyone! There are some fantastic blogs in the running for some nice sums of cash. In a week or so, voting will open to allow research blogging members to vote for their…

Good luck Ed. I love what you do here.

Best of luck, Ed. I'm pulling for you. I do have one question, though: how'd they manage to miss "Darwinius Changes Everything" in the humor category?

By Pete Moulton (not verified) on 26 Feb 2010 #permalink

You deserve the Awards.

Oooh good luck Ed you totally deserve them. Particularly for duck sex, that was the first ever scienceblog I read - and now I just can't stop following the good work you do here!