Congrats to the 3 Quarks Daily Finalists!

The finalists have been chosen, and they are a fantastic bunch! Here are the top 9 which made it in:

  1. Cosmic Variance: The Fine Structure Constant is Probably Constant
  2. Dr. Carin Bondar: Sacrifice on the Serengeti
  3. Empirical Zeal: Blind Fish in Dark Caves Shed Light on the Evolution of Sleep
  4. Highly Allochthonous: Levees and the Illusion of Flood Control
  5. Laelaps: The Pelican's Beak - Success and Evolutionary Stasis
  6. Oh, For the Love of Science: Prehistoric Clues Provide Insight into Climate's Future Impact on Oceans
  7. Opinionator: Morals Without God?
  8. Scientific American Guest Blog: Seratonin and Sexual Preference: Is It Really That Simple?
  9. Starts With A Bang: Where Is Everybody?

Sadly, no, neither of my posts made the cut. It was some tough competition! Be sure to read all of these, and I'll tack on to this post who takes the Top Quark when it's announced in a week or so.

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::Sad face::

I feel bad for you Christie, I know you really wanted this. It might have carried more weight if it was listed as a SciAm Guest Blog. It would have given it an extra boost for those that think such things are important.

By Oxymoronic (not verified) on 13 Jun 2011 #permalink

It was hard for me to choose which of your pieces to vote for. It made me think that some sort of weighting should be used for authors with more than one nomination.