Yes, yes it is. (HT @Oxymoronics)

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Yes, the title is oxymoronic. But if Bevis Hillier and Stephen Escritt are right, much of the Art Deco movement was fundamentally oxymoronic. Anyway, enough yap. Here's Homeward Bound by Kent Rockwell:
A California sea lion (Zalophus californianus), photographed at the Bronx zoo.
I would not have believed this would be possible in 2007, and yet, here it is. CBS is bringing to your television, this fall, a series so full of stereotypes, so dazzingly stupid, so ridiculously puerile, that it must surely offend the sensibilities of everyone in science. I am talking about "The…
I had to post this - it's just such a great photo. From here via here.

Even for nerds, the physical ideal is way more attainable than the mental standard set by Einstein. If he's a sex symbol, what are the rest of us?

I just did a quick design of two wallpapers for Bleach. Was wondering which one was better as I can't decide which one to use.

So if I could get some comments that'd be appreciated. These are very simple so bear with me...it's like 1:30 AM and I was bored because I don't feel like doing my math homework , but uh...it's all good!