10th Annual Memory Championships

i-8495212c219365423afe121bc2a65aee-21winner05.jpgDo you have a great memory? Go compete at the The 10th Annual Memory Championship! It will be held on Saturday, March 10, 2007 in New York City at the Con Edison Building. You can also watch it live on HDNet If you have HD ;) Hey all you guys can come over to my place! Actually I don't think I could watch it... sounds more boring than a spelling bee.

In anycase... how does this contest work?
There is a pre-qualifying round of four events in which the top seven scoring "Mental Athletes (MAs)" advance to the Championship Round. The memorization categories are: Names and Faces, Speed Numbers, Speed Cards and Poetry - all of which I'd fail miserably at.

They take their contest statistically seriously so "raw scores for individual events will be calculated into Championship Points utilizing a Bell Curve and will be rounded to two decimal places".

If you make it to the Championship you will compete in:Spoken Words, 3 Strikes You're Out and Double Deck O'Cards (Whatever that is?!) "Each of the three events will be conducted in a round-robin style tournament. After each of the first two events, 2 MAs will be eliminated, resulting in a three-way competition for the final event."

Interested in participating? Here's the page for more info.

-via mindhacks-

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