The Brain That Wouldn't Die in the public domain

i-6ade589941eb55da0029814bd3c18135-brainthatwouldntdie.jpgThanks to Vaughan over at Mind Hacks we've discovered that the great movie The Brain That Wouldn't Die is now in the public domain :) You can watch it below the fold or even download it in full right here or here. This movie is a wonderful, wonderful movie! ... ok, really, I've never seen it nor do I think I'll take the time to watch it unless I'm really bored. But you should! Let us know how it is. It is after all about brains!

Here's the plot summary from imdb:

After a car crash, a man keeps his wife's head alive in his laboratory. As if this weren't enough, an evil beast pounds and screams from a locked room adjacent to the lab.

Description written by Sam Volchenboum: The unethical surgeon Dr. Bill Cortner (Herb Evers) is developing a technique of transplantation of organs and members using a serum against rejection. When he has a car accident with his girlfriend Jan Compton (Virginia Leith), he saves her head only, and tries to find a woman with a beautiful body to transplant Jan's head against her will.

Description written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Brilliant but borderline psychotic surgeon does secretive, experimental work with limb transplants and tissue rejection drugs, much to the chagrin of his surgeon-father. When he crashes his car and his fiancee is decapitated, his research - far from complete - is put to the test. His focus then becomes finding an appropriate donor body to make his fiancee whole, while the current and failed experiments in his basement laboratory grow restless.

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Actually, it's been in the public domain for decades -- since the early '70s at least. It's just now been digitized and put online.

It's loosely adapted from/inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's Herbert West: Re-Animator, although for some reason this movie (like Corman's The Haunted Castle) never shows up on lists of Lovecraft film adaptations.

I haven't seen this in a while; I may need to re-watch it again soon since there's been all this chatter about it. As I recall, it's one of the goriest movies of its time. They sure went through a lot of Bosco in the movie's climax.