Happy Freakin' New Year

Hank Says Happy New Year!



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Happy New Year! Seattle's fireworks at the space needle had some technical difficulties (and the pyrotechnicians had to light them by hand...yeah I wrote that just to use the word "pyrotechnician"), but were still beautiful as ever: Welcome 2008! 2008 is the international year of the potato, the…
Happy New Year! It's been a great two years (almost) here at Scienceblogs. But since most readers don't comment, I don't really know who many of you are. Who are you, where are you, what do you do, and what plans/hopes do you have for the upcoming year?
I'm away from the office, helping historians beat up on creationists, so enjoy some fine music in the mean time. "Fall Of The Pigs" by COLISEUM from the album No Salvation (2007, 2:55). "She's Got A New Spell" by Billy Bragg from the album Must I Paint You A Picture?: The Essential Billy Bragg (…
Well folks, I'm headed to California for a couple weeks... Posting from me will be light, but you can bet Chris will have lots to share about Science Debate 2008 in the meantime. Happy New Year!