Zombies are stealing the brains of the citizens of Detroit!

Zombies are attacking Detroit! This is why all of the brains are disappearing out of the city! Check out the picture here's the undeniable evidence:


Not only are the Zombies eating Detroit's brains it sounds like the young folk are escaping and leaving no brains left for the Zombies to eat! Check out this snippet from CNN.com:

Broad numbers are difficult to come by, but nearly a quarter of respondents in a survey for Fusion, the area's young professional association, said they plan on leaving Detroit within the next two years.

Among the larger population of 4.6 million people, 63,000 households left the greater Detroit area in 2007 alone, according to Internal Revenue Service numbers supplied by the Urban Studies Department at Wayne State University.

City leaders are well aware of this problem, and are working hard to fix it.

As it turns out, young people generally want the same things other people want out of a city - good jobs, safe streets, stuff to do at night, decent schools, quality healthcare, ample parks, easy public transport. Basically, they want a pleasant life.


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Don't forget the Motor City...they should be dancing in the streets!

See - if Michael Jackson were alive, he could make them form a dance troupe and take care of the zombie problem. Oh well.

"Zombies are stealing the brains of the citizens of Detroit!"

You say that as though it were a bad thing.