Winnie the Pooh does animated mental disorders

I don't usually post anything about "that kind" of psychology but I loved these:
(via Dangerous Minds & their creator - Matthew Wilkinson)


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Got your attention, right? That's the title of a paper by Penn, Holyoak, and Povinelli in April's Behavioral and Brain Sciences. Well, the full title is "Darwin's mistake: Explaining the discontinuity between human and nonhuman minds." Here's the abstract: Over the last quarter century, the…
What do Louis Pasteur, Robert Boyle, Charles Bell, William Kirby, James Clerk Maxwell, and George Washington Carver all have in common? They all have facebook fan pages…created by the Institute for Creation Research! Carver is representative: here's the kind of thing the ICR writes about each one,…
[This is from two years ago. Since I just got through driving 1000 miles to reach a beach with no internet access -- imagine that -- I thought it was appropriate. Or not. Just don't read it while you are driving. Please.] In the 1930s my uncle got a car that had a radio in it. The family was aghast…
Let's step into the wayback machine and talk about some research that even the psychologists among us might not be aware of (I certainly wasn't). It seems that at the turn of the 20th century, many psychologists and psychophysicists (including the father of psychophysics, Gustave Fechner) were…