Accidental view of the day - Arm up the arse.

Wow... just wow.

-via The Spoiler-

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Wow, their brains are small. It all makes sense now - all they want to do is eat shit and kill their competitors. Anyone want to translate the, what I'm assuming, is Japanese for me? -Via Neatorama-
Wow... I knew that many animals had herpes and if you want to get a herpes free lab animal it costs many times what a 'normal' herpes carrying animal does. But wow... Chlamydia in Koalas?! Maybe some of you bio people out there can tell us whether it's the same Chlamydia humans carry. So…
You know those packaged toolchest gift sets that stores relentlessly market as holiday gifts for "Dads"? Well, none of them can hold a, er, socket wrench to this object of beauty from the 1800s, customized by a piano tuner named Studley. Wow. Via Boing Boing
Headline at Uncommon Descent: The Chronicle says of Gonzalez "a clear case of discrimination" Actual sentence in Chronicle article: At first glance, it seems like a clear-cut case of discrimination. (emphasis mine) Wow. Just, wow.

manchester city´s carlos tevez practicing an outdoor colonoscopy on united´s rio ferdinand