What's your state microbe?

i-23a45a8a2dd427520451d429416058ed-800px-Streptococcus_lactis-thumb-510x383-40308.jpgWisconsin lawmakers just passed a bill to name Lactobacillus lactis, the bacteria that turns milk into cheese, into its official state microbe! What microbe do you think best represents your state? I think Massachusetts' state microbe should be E. coli, not for the gross make you sick part of course, but because of the importance of the biotech industry to Massachusetts and the importance of the lowly E. coli to biotech. Add your vote for your state microbe in the comments!

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Agree-great idea! Nauvoo, IL is known for its wine and blue cheese, so even though it wouldn't necessarily count for the entire state of Illinois, I would say Penicillium roqueforti and Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Metaclorine for Califorina! Because our senate is as stupid as the Jedi order!

RI = Mycoplasma, the only bacterium that will fit in that state.