Two videos that Patrick Boyle and I made were selected for the Bio:Fiction Film Festival! One of the prizes is an online audience award, and you can watch and rate all of the films! It's such an honor to be part of this festival and to be showing our work next to that of so many amazing artists, scientists, and filmmakers, and we would be super thrilled if you voted for us!

Here are our videos! First, the world premiere of Compound 74, a fictional documentary about a possible future of synthetic drug design through synthetic biology:

And second, the commercial we made for Ginkgo BioWorks--Who is the Engineer of the Future?

Please vote!

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Love it, Christina! Very cool - congratulations. Hope all is well.

After watching most of the other submissions I found there were only one or two that could compare to 'compound 74'; definitely 5 stars for it. Excellent, entertaining work. Thanks!

'Ginkgo BioWorks' was also good, but a bit corny though. 4, because it was a funny corny.

Trouble is, the videos are presented in Flash which is a dead technology. Many hundreds of thousands of people cannot see any Flash content because they've wisely chosen to turn it off in their web browser or because they use Apple produts, and Apple has turned it off for them. Get with the program and move to HTML-5

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