I like it—Dance Like a Monkey!

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Just because Chimps are Funny: And no bitching about my use of the word monkey! Via Neatorama
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Perhaps you have been pondering the meaning of the new traditional greeting, Happy Monkey! (important usage note: it is not Merry Monkey, nor is it Happy Monkey Day. It is simply "Happy Monkey", full stop. Trying to change the phrase means you are waging war on the Monkey, and you know how they…
HAPPY MONKEY! Few random quickies for today-- 1. I think a YEC challenged me to a dual. Or something. A friend was having a 'debate' with some random radical Christian pastor/reverend/whatever via letters to the editor in the Yukon Review, and cited some things he had learned from me and ERV.…

Excellent! I caught the Flying Spaghetti Monster at the end, too bad they didn't use my model. Loved it regardless.

By The Inanimator (not verified) on 22 Jul 2006 #permalink

Is that a new New York Dolls song?

It actualy doesn't suck! Can't say that for the stones past 20 years.

That was AWESOME! I gotta get that on my iPod. The Spaghetti Monster was actually in there 2 or 3 times, not just at the end. ;)

By BlueIndependent (not verified) on 22 Jul 2006 #permalink

That's really well done.

hey! that's prince's 'let's go crazy'...

By purple brigade (not verified) on 23 Jul 2006 #permalink

Is that Pat Robertson getting married to a gorilla at the end?

By Xerxes1729 (not verified) on 23 Jul 2006 #permalink

Holy crap! I'm out of the loop for a month and the New York Dolls have a new album! All the "i'm old" feelings from having a baby are melting away...

If you go to the New York Dolls page on roadrunner records:
you can get the video in several sizes/formats, plus you can snag an mp3 of the song. There's also another song from the album, "Take a good look at my good looks" (only as streaming windows media, though). The album is in stores Tuesday July 25.

Hi! I linked from Daily Kos. Thanks for the video! I'll pass the link around.

I think songs on this topic should get more exposure, so with that in mind, if you liked this video, you might also enjoy "We Come From Monkeys" by Emerald Rose.

Click here for the Audio and the download

and here for the lyrics

Keep on Monkey dancin!


so it's the NY Dolls doing the Gorillaz on many levels:

animated personae
wacky video
groovy tune
title of song, sort of

it works! i didn't think they could do it without Johnny THunders, RIP, but they did. fantastic.

another cool one on our side--i guess they still have...stryper? amy grant? DC talk?.

my fave moment: a tie between the astronaut moonwalking and the monkey pope marrying pat robertson to the gorilla that has just raped him. genius.

Totally Brilliant

Is that a "tree full of Howler Monkeys" Cheney is shoting at?