Road trip!

One of our Minneapolis Christian talk radio stations, KKMS, is organizing a trip.

Join Jeff & Lee as they travel with Heartland Tours & Travel to the Creation Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio! Jeff & Lee will be doing a live broadcast from the museum, and you can be there to see it all happen! of course, there will be other great stops along the way - Chicago (and famous Chicago pizza), the Wisconsin Dells with it's huge waterpark, shopping at the Tangier Outlet Mall and more! this is a tour that will inspire your faith and make lasting family memories.

Don't you think they could really use a scientific guide to go along with them? Call me, Jeff & Lee — I'm willing to waive my usual fee to accompany your bus as a consultant.

I am rather amused that what will inspire their faith is Chicago pizza, a tacky amusement park, and shopping.

(h/t to Eva)

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You've clearly never had one of those near death experiences that was brought on by overindulging in our deep dish pizza. You go down a long tunnel of light only to have Hizzoner Richard J. tell you to get the hell out of the back room already.

(grinning) Ah, PZ. I'd have fun on that road trip, even when the inevitable moment came where I'd be asked to leave. I think I would make sure that moment came afterthe pizza but before the first pitcher of beer.

Speaking of which, do you get Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in your neck of the woods?

And, while I'm on the subject, howzabout an entire thread on beer, who likes what and all that? That would be a fun read.

with it's [sic] huge waterpark,

No, but they could use a good proofreader...

By DominEditrix (not verified) on 20 Nov 2007 #permalink

Oh how cool. Do you think they will be stopping by Or maybe or to meet other folks interested in how things came to be?

It's amazing that Jeff & Lee don't see the irony in the location of the tour main objective. And I'm NOT addressing the pizza - Chicago pizza ROCKS! (or it did about 15-20 years ago when I was lucky enough to directly sample that manna of tastebud delight)

My (formerly home-brewing, thanks, Jimmy Carter, for making that legal back in the seventies!) brother-in-law supplied the last beer I enjoyed, but I kept the bottle. In nearby Petaluma, the Lagunitas Brewing Company has produced commemorative beers. Commemorating what, you may ask? Why, anniversaries of the release of Frank Zappa albums, of course, and this year marks the 40th anniversary of Absolutely Free, FZ and the Mothers' second album (curiously, they emphasized the catch phrase, "Kill Ugly Radio" rather than the album title on the 22 oz. bottle). As you know, beer exists on a spectrum, with hops on one end and malt on the other (fruits and vegetables and the like are orthogonal to beer...). Lagunitas tends toward the hoppy end, not dissimilar to Sierra Nevada, which is a kind of hoppy amber ale... Anyway, this was mostly just an excuse to plug the forthcoming areligious holiday, Zappadan.

Oh well. I wouldn't mind another road trip up the Left Coast's 101, so long as I managed to spend some time at Bend Oregon's Deschutes Brewery, starting with their Mirror Pond Pale Ale, working toward their Obsidian Stout.

It's the price we pay for fewer water parks and creation museums.

Boags Premium Beer rocks! The Tasmanians have devils and make a great beer. Shits over the local Victoria Bitter (VB).

By Brian English (not verified) on 20 Nov 2007 #permalink

PZ, did you happen to see "Jerry Springer the Opera" when it was produced in Minneapolis?

I would love to see it. The DVD gets a seven-star rating at Imdb, but Amazon U.S. doesn't seem to carry it.

PZ, there's a rumour that you are the organizer of these christian pilgrimages to Kentucky and that trips are one-way only.

I know with global warming and all, winters aren't so severe, but isn't it just a tad bit chilly to go to a water park this time of year???

The Spirit dwells in the water, galtkid. Cold is not an obstacle for one of faith. Experience the healing waters of Christ as you slide down the Giant Tube O' Fun. Your faith in God will be renewed as you watch your children standing under His Golden Showers. Thrill to the power of His Love as your dive deep into His Love on a log flume from 100 feet! Just like Jesus did 2,000 years ago in John the Baptist's Holy Water Park. Admission only 2 shekels, kids get a free fig, and where the PA announces "He is My son!" ever 15 minutes.

Ken Ham thinks it would be a good idea to give the gift of creationism for Christmas. Isn't that sweet? I just got a flier from Answers in Genesis hawking gift memberships in the Creation Museum as ideal holiday offerings. I scanned it and posted it at Lies for Xmas.

Ho, ho, ho.

I am rather amused that what will inspire their faith is Chicago pizza, a tacky amusement park, and shopping.

I thought all the big churches include these things already?

By afterthought (not verified) on 21 Nov 2007 #permalink

How dare they taint the good name of the Chicago Deep Dish with their religiosity..

tacky amusement park


Clearly you have never been to Noah's ark and are confusing it with one of those tacky Minnesota parks, with the giant state mosquito statue! Ah, you squareheads need to get out of the country and go to the big state, yah dere hey!

By other bill (not verified) on 21 Nov 2007 #permalink

oops. open tag

By other bill (not verified) on 21 Nov 2007 #permalink

They should plan to eat their Chicago Deep Dish Pizza after touring the Darwin exhibit at the Field Museum. Then they could even compare and contrast a real museum vs. a cartoon museum after they go to Ham's World.

I'm sure it will never happen, but it would be fun.

"the Wisconsin Dells with it's huge waterpark"

On top of their no doubt numerous other flaws, they can't spell.

They'll probably steer clear of the Field Museum of Natural History. The place is thick with evidence supporting evolutionary theory. One of my favorite photographs is of me holding my daughter next to the bust of Darwin at the museum. She has the most delightfully smug expression on her face!

By TritoneSub (not verified) on 21 Nov 2007 #permalink

If they want to "teach the controversy" shouldn't they go to the Field Museum? Now that would be an outing of "Faith" wouldn't it? Shouldn't "Faith" be tested regularly? You don't want to get complacent.

By dogmeatib (not verified) on 21 Nov 2007 #permalink

Remember who we're dealing with here. I'm betting that the "Chicago pizza" they mention is actually the Pizza Hut in Downers Grove.

Boy, that would give them 'lasting family memories' if you went along. "Mommie, remember when we went to the Creation Museum and that man told us it was all lies? Well, I've been looking up things in the library and I think he was right!""Don't say things like that. He was just a crazy, homeless man. People like us go to Heaven. People like him don't. Now, never talk about it again. And I told you, libraries are bad for you!"

It's a bit inspiring to see this. Travel of any kind is a dicey prospect for these cloistered minds. Yet they're bravely venturing out of their homes where their perspective might just be broadened.

I imagine the "Chicago pizza" will be from a strip mall joint in Palatine.

I take exception, #24 - I know at least one strip mall joint in Palatine that has decent Chicago-style pizza (Peddler's on Rand Road). More likely, they'll go to the Uno by Woodfield Mall, which truly is an abomination.

Full disclosure: I've only been to Chicagoland a few times, and so I chose Palatine as being 1) outer-ring suburban and 2) reasonably well-known. Perhaps Lake Zurich would have been funnier? ;)

I'd love to go on this trip just to watch them stumble around Ohio looking for a museum that's in Kentucky. Of course, they could just save themselves a trip and read John Scalzi's review of the museum.

Stop talking about Chicago pizza! You're making me hungry for Connie's.

Did you know Connie's ships their frozen pizza?

By vetarabbit (not verified) on 21 Nov 2007 #permalink

Jason, you're right but you're wrong. The area of Cincinnati in which this crime against reason is located is in Kentucky.

Who here is in for $20 of PZ's expenses? Just sign up to go on the tour, we'll all split the bill.

By PhoenixRising (not verified) on 21 Nov 2007 #permalink

Ken Cope:

Prompted by your recollections, I just indulged in a Black Butte Porter from Deschutte's Brewery. I detected no chocolate note as advertised, but it was still tasty: kind of a glossy smokiness, with a clean finish. Would definitely go great with barbecue, but I'm not so sure it would be a go-to beer where chips and salsa are concerned. My first bottle was cold, but not ice-cold. I'm going to compare my first taste with one that's really cold and one that's at room temperature. That's going to be the closest thing to science that I do this Thanksgiving, at any rate...!


the Wisconsin Dells with it's huge waterpark

Lies! Lies! Lies!

There are more than one waterpark in the Dells. I can think of at least 3 indoor waterpark resorts located in the Dells, and let me tell ya, they are damn great fun.

Last February, as the worst blizzard of the winter howled outside, we were splashing and sliding during our two days at Great Wolf Lodge.

Darn, that's a long way to that "Tangier" Outlet Mall, even by jet bus. You don't supose they meant the "Tanger" Outlet Mall, do you? Oh, sorry, those ID Creationists don't make mistakes, do they?

Cheers, Pat

By Pat Farrell (not verified) on 26 Nov 2007 #permalink