Godless sex

The lucky people near George Washington University get to learn all about godless sex on 16 September.

Fred Edwords

"The Joy of Godless Sex"

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
The George Washington University
Marvin Center Amphitheater

When it comes to sexuality, two sizes don't fit all. Nor does one institution. That's why a nontheistic, humanist approach recognizes sexual diversity, individuality, freedom, and responsibility. And that's why humanists continue to work for an end to needless guilt and repression and actively call for a broadening of human possibilities and pleasures.

Hosted by SKEPTIC (Science and Knowledge Empowering People to Intelligently Choose), an affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance.

Hang on there…this is a trick. All sex is godless, peculiar Catholic prayer books notwithstanding. It's just that we can be far more inventive without an imaginary phantasm hanging over our shoulders.

For example, behold: the four-headed spiny anteater penis. The universe is a far weirder place than the godly can imagine.

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