What strange beast is this?

The Institute for Creation Research is going on and on again about Haeckel and gill slits. It gets tiresome; I've explained so many times that Haeckel's theory was wrong and he skewed his drawings to fit his model, but that it really is true that human embryos have pharyngeal arches that are modified in a peculiar way to build the face and neck, and this really is evidence for our evolutionary history. Fortunately, this time, I don't have to go into it because Troy Britain has covered all the details. Yay!

But I do want to mention one really strange thing. The ICR is going on and on about Haeckel faking his embryo drawings, but this is what they used to illustrate their own article.

CHRIST JESUS, WHAT IS THAT THING? That is creepy — no human embryo ever looked like that. They've neatly painted out any kind of branchial structures, and it has no post-anal tail — yet it's supposed to be a 7-8 week embryo. I guess reality was too uncomfortable for them, so they dug up some uninformed stock art that leaves out those vestiges of our ancestry, tails and gill slits, that refute their claims.

Either that or they performed an abortion on a Grey. Good for them, those UFO pilots are always sticking probes up our butts, it's only fair that someone grabbed one and did a D&C on them.

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That is sooo odd...
It looks nothing like the little squib that I am carrying right now (although he is now 19 weeks, I started having photos taken when he was about 7 weeks to try to work out dates...). Admittedly, I haven't seen any colour pictures, just grainy black/white, but still

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What Jan said.

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