Friday Cephalopod: Love is a lively hectocotylus

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Wheeew ... I just pictured that thing as being eight feet long, whipping around like crazy, and coming at my face, I , of course, have no reason to believe that it wants to attach itself to my face and plant eggs, but my turtle brain isn't entirely convinced that it doesn't.

Then I saw the scale. I figure it as 5-6cm, about 2.5 inches. Far less scary at that size, or is that what they want us to think ...

What the hell is going on with that thing. Looks like an octopus tentacle eating a whip worm that has tiny bat wings and a spike of some type.

What is it, beyond a name? Habitat, where does it live, more specific than Sea of japan? What does it eat? How the hell is what looks like a collection of leftovers uniquely adapted to its environment?

Denise Whatley @ #3 :

Thank you for the source, very informative.

Yes, I could have Googled up an answer, I'd probably end up convinced by Glen Beck that that critter was proof of a government conspiracy. I joke, but there is an issue of finding reliable sources if you don't know much about the subject.

The problem with the internet is that there are lots of sources, but only a small fraction of them have any idea of what they are talking about. I've found that it is best to seek out sources recommended by people with a background, or sincere interest, in the subject.

Thanks again.