Want To Be Featured On This Blog and Foil Creationists?

PZ has information that Ray Comfort and his merry band of misfits have changed their plans and are passing out their Origin of Species propaganda today. You should go and get a copy right away. They're most likely located at the busiest part of your college campus between 11 and 1pm (or whenever it's busiest).

Go and get your copy and send me a photograph with it and I will post it here. But hurry, supplies are limited.

E-mail me at primatediaries [at] gmail [dot] com or post the photo on your blog or twitpic and put the link in the comments below.

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Ha! Another book by someone who can't write, intended for those who don't read. LOL

Got me a copy. Woot!

The person who handed me my copy (at USC) said it had a special introduction by Ray Comfort. I politely said "Thank you, that is very pathetic."

I'm going to be going to an atheist meet probably around 5:45 PM, and the meet takes me right through the heart of campus. A couple of weeks ago there was a man known as Brother John preaching in the area, though I didn't hear about it until much later.

When people are giving stuff away or selling stuff it's always near the Powell building because that's where both food courts are and the highest volume of traffic is.

If nothing else, I will ask the atheists at the campus meet if they have seen anyone giving these away.

I'm hoping, but my campus only has about ~16,000 people so they probably didn't send many if any. I will check tomorrow on the way to and from class to be sure, as it also cuts through the Powell building area.

I saw this on Twitter earlier, @LydiaGibson:

"Just got a free copy of origin of the species, refreshing change from the usual new testament hand outs #darwin"

A couple of students in my department went out to the quad-ish area around 12:30 to get a stack for some of the anthro grads (I was too busy adding Ardipithecus to my lecture material for my afternoon class), but they were all out :(

We were able to get quite a few copies today. I got three copies myself and I had former students grabbing copies as well. I don't think their Kansas contingent went well, however the books were everywhere. We were focused on keeping them out of the hands of freshmen. They surprised us with the date change, but we were still able to do some damage. Wish we had free T-shirts to hand out like at Emory.

By Orion Graf (not verified) on 18 Nov 2009 #permalink

#1 Russel, that is the best description I've ever heard. It should be on the cover.

By Liudvikas (not verified) on 18 Nov 2009 #permalink

I got my copy at the University of Utah. I told them the book was great but the introduction was a disaster.

By Barbara Nash (not verified) on 18 Nov 2009 #permalink

Were they in Lawrence or Kansas City? I didn't see them...and I was looking. :-(

My daughter got one at San Jose State which isn't on the list.

I checked at both the University of Idaho and Washington State University around 12:30 and there was no one giving anything away in the obvious places.

Wow, I used the wrong form of "your" there... I'm an idiot...

Well I certainly feel shafted, Casey. I was in Turlington and PotA around noon and I didn't see anything regarding this. =(

They're doing it in the UK as well - I was handed a copy on my way into the zoology building at Oxford uni this morning

wait for me. Got to find a banana to pose with! Got a copy at the University of Utah. Then got to rip apart the intro!

They were in Lawrence, even though we weren't on the list. The people handing them out were saying "free book... you want a free book?" Pretty misleading. We had a lot of people handing out don't dis Darwin flyers. Generally they were standing right next to the book givers.

By Orion Graf (not verified) on 18 Nov 2009 #permalink

I would like one just to "undesecrate" the good book by ripping out Comfort's stupidity.

Don't assume that this was it - it's possible this was the dry run and they're handing out more tomorrow. So if you have more activities planned for tomorrow, still do them! The number of copies they handed out at UCSD didn't seem to match the numbers that were promised. Kudos to those who got organized quick and got out there with a counter-action! It's hella fun isn't it?


I am the aforementioned daughter from San Jose State. Wasn't expecting to see them here but I'm glad I did; I chucked all through Geo class.

I would add it to my collection of fun and ridiculous religious pamphlets, but I didn't manage to get one for Dad to desecrate. So I'm gonna let him have the honors.

Did anyone else get the weird 1,000,000 dollar bill promoting Jesus? The one with Obama on it?

If I wasn't against book burning, I'd say burn them. Or do what book stores do with paperbacks, rip the cover off and send it to the publisher for a refund. Ever out of TP? You now have 22 bundles of intro to use.

I'm trying to get a copy myself, but was unable to travel to any nearby universities today. (I'm in San Francisco, CA.)

Anyone get an extra copy that they'd be willing to part with? I'd like to one just so I can go through the foreword and write in links to the refutations in the margins, so I'll have the creationist's own words ready and already debunked if someone brings them up in front of me.

I want to get hold of a copy for myself and will gladly pay postage if someone has a spare - but I don't want to give Ray and his people one red cent! He's already getting way too much attention from a much more deserving person's fame.

Anyway, contact me if you've got a spare copy and we'll work out the shipping. Thanks!

Yeah, comfort's minions were on my campus today as well at the University of Washington (Richard Dawkins came here a coupla months earlier to talk about his latest book and warned us about this; BTW we wholeheartedly apologize for the Discovery Institute). So yes I got my free copy. Aside from the 54 pages of asinine dribble at the beginning, it's a pretty good book.
And these same creotards were also handing out these absurd $1,000,000 bills (I thought the bible said something against idol worship) which had a portrait of Darwin and the same o'l hellfire and damnation schpeil on the back. I found the one I got deservedly lying on the ground like the trash it is.

Aw, you goofy young 'uns are awesome! It's people like you that keep me from losing every last bit of hope for humanity, thank you. Oh, and Lena, better chuck that Jack-O'-Lantern before it turns nasty on you.

By Red Ruffensor (not verified) on 19 Nov 2009 #permalink

What Red said. I have hope for the future!

By Cay Borduin (not verified) on 19 Nov 2009 #permalink

the douches are at the U of Oregon today..."Get the latest scientific information on Darwin's research"...
The trouble is they stand next to the street preachers, so I'm not sure who they are fooling.

Some of you may not know that here in the UK we have a portrait of Charles Darwin on our ten pound note in honour of his work......different world.


For what it's worth, a good portion of the other people I saw getting books were laughing out loud as they flipped through the intro... Considering I'm in the Midwest/South, I was pleasantly surprised. :)

Okay, it's up. Click here to see all your bright and smiling faces. Keep sending those photos and I'll add them in as they arrive.

My 13 yr old had read about this distribution of Ray's "edition" of the book on campuses in The Humanist Magazine before it happened but hadn't told me about it.

Interestingly enough, we had just come out of the tour at Indiana University's special collections library where they had a Darwin exhibit, and I was even clutching the exhibit brochure in my hand when Ray's henchman accosted us. I was excited to see the title at first, but when he pointed out that Comfort had written the foreword, I started laughing and said "oh, Ray, how you try to trick me!". The guy looked surprised and said, "do you know him?" I just continued laughing and walked away with the kids.

(This was the point when my 13 yr old started telling me about what he read in The Humanist...)

If I'd known about this fun little feature you're running, I'd have picked up a copy. ;)