A Politically Incorrect History of the Evolution Debate

The video was a great compilation of imbecilities said by ID/Creationists to discredit science. The parts with Maher and other comedians were also hilarious. But...

The part about the presidents and the presidential candidates. Let's stop believing everything they say on TV, shall we? Bush's image of a "good ol' boy never meanin' no harm" was carefully constructed by Karl Rove and manufactured by the MSM. It's the same for the 3 lying Republicans who raised their hand when prompted about disbelief in evolution. It is not complicated to see that this is a trick to get votes. Religion is to Politics what the Royal Flush is to Poker.

As for those leading megachurches, a similar argument applies. While George Bush played the creationism card to get elected, Pat Robertson played it to get rich. The Discovery Institute should be renamed the We Make Easy Money Institute.

The US was always a very religious country and these crooks know exactly how to take advantage of that. Probably the only "honest" ID/Creationism proponent in the video is Francis Collins, the famous doctor and geneticist who used to be an atheist but turned devoutely religious when he couldn't deal with the deaths of his patients.