Chart Attack!

Here's something a little lighter than the last couple of entries, seeing as it's a weekend and all: Pop-music blogger Jason Hare has a regular Friday feature called "Chart Attack!" in which he posts the Top Ten songs from a past week ending on the same date, and goes through the songs. This week's entry, from February 11, 1989 is right in my wheelhouse, or ought to be:

10. Walking Away - Information Society

9. She Wants To Dance With Me - Rick Astley

8. I Wanna Have Some Fun - Samantha Fox

7. The Lover In Me - Sheena Easton

6. All This Time - Tiffany

5. When The Children Cry - White Lion

4. Born To Be My Baby - Bon Jovi

3. Wild Thing - Tone-Loc

2. When I'm With You - Sheriff

1. Straight Up - Paula Abdul

At the time, I was a senior in high school, mostly listening to Top 40 radio (because there wasn't any other kind out in the sticks), smack in the middle of the prime pop-culture imprinting years (the block of years between ages 13-21 are teh time when you're most likely to obsessively follow pop culture), so you'd think this would be prime nostalgia material for me...

You'd be wrong.

I can confidently recall only four of those ten songs, and I hate, hate, hate two of them ("When the Children Cry" by the Great White Poisonous Lion-Snakes (though I don't associate the song with 1989), and "Straight Up" by Simon Cowell). I think I might be able to place the Samantha Fox song (I haven't watched the YouTube video to see if I'm right), but the other five are a total loss. I have absolutely no recollection of any of these songs, and they were evidently big hits.

I'm not really sure whether this is a statement about the ephemeral nature of pop culture, or just an indication that I had other things on my mind (Feb. 11 would've been getting toward the end of basketball season, so I was a little preoccupied, plus I was waiting on college acceptance letters at around that time...). It's sort of weird to see a Top Ten list from right in the heart of my era, and have it look so unfamiliar, though.

(Contrast this with the previous installment, from 1985, where I'm pretty sure I could sing the chorus of eight of the ten songs. Not that you would want me to do that. Believe me, nobody wants that.)


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We got caught up yesterday watching VH1's countdown of the top 100 one-hit wonders - tons from the early and mid 80s. Soft Cell's Tainted Love was #2.

Unrelatedly, how's the weather? We had almost two-tenths of an inch of rain yesterday, but it's better today - sunny, ~65.

"Straight Up" by Simon Cowell

Typo or witticism?

By Michael I (not verified) on 11 Feb 2007 #permalink

Reading this entry's title had me all excited for a Tufte-style gallery of bad powerpoint, and seeing late-80s pop just feels like a letdown.