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GRB080319B - Did LIGO see anything gravitationally wavy? Super-Kamiokande anything neutrinolicious?

As for matter's preponderance over antimatter and CP violation... Something present-day detectable must power inflation, select matter over antimatter, source left-handed weak interaction, source homochiral biology (chiral protein L-amino acids; natural D-sugars), originate in orthodox theory, not contradict prior observations, and exclude most of the 10^1000 allowable string theory vacua.

Standard Model extensions lack validation (proton decay half-life and Super-Kamiokande; CAST and solar axions). Perturbation and Yukawa potential techniques are sour jokes. Equivalence Principle and Lorentz Invariance violation attempts are sterile. Quantized gravitations are disasters.

Dump pseudo-Riemannian spacetime V^4. Use Weitzenböck spacetime A^4 with spacetime torsion. It has a teleparallel gravitational energy-momentum pseudotensor anti-symmetric to parity transformation. It supports a pseudoscalar chiral vacuum background.

1) Only opposite parity mass configuration is interactive - no contradictions of prior observations, especially massless EM,
Exquisite bounds
2) Chiral asymmetries are naturally sourced.
3) Chiral vacuum background is detected va unremarkable parity Eötvös and parity caloritmetry experiments (not PVED experiments).
4) Somebdy should look. Don't send a particle in to do a field's work.