I have to go to work unpleasantly early to give an exam, and then I'll be occupied for most of the day with a visiting speaker. Here's something cute and fuzzy to compensate:


That's the plush triceratops I bought Tuesday at the Natural History museum shop, as an advance gift for FutureBaby. We're developing a sort of reptilian theme in baby decor-- we registered for a ridiculously cute dino-themed set of linens, and Kate's cross-stitching some baby dragons to hang on the walls.

I'm not sure what this says about us. But the next time somebody asks how we're decorating the nursery (which happens all the time), I can safely say "Reptiles."

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So help me, I love the mix of dinosaurs and dragons. I can just see the ankylosaurs and ornithomimids cavorting with basilisks and cockatrices. And then add in the 'real, non-extinct' spectrum of lizardania -- maybe a gila monster quietly basking in the corner?

When I visited NYC (my old hometown), I bought a small version of that plushie to grace my desk here at work.

Oooh! A saurian theme! I like it.

Both of my kids' favorite part of the bedroom decor were the dinosaur comforters that I inherited from MIL. They would procrastinate about going to bed by asking me the names of all the dinosaurs.

You might want to look at a toy Godzilla, too. That's another favorite.

But they're so colorful! And poisonous!

Not lizardish in any way, but if you're not already you should be aware of Giant Microbes.