Sky-Bison Included for Scale

Kate and I have been watching DVD's of the show Avatar: The Last Airbender via Netflix for a while now. Around the originally predicted due date for SteelyKid (that is, a week and a half before she actually arrived), we were joking about what she could possibly be waiting for. During one episode, she squirmed really impressively during a scene featuring Appa the sky bison, and I suggested that she was holding out for a bison of her own.

I made a sweep through local toy stores, but failed to locate a bison. Of course, they do sell plush bison on the Internet, so I ordered a "sixteen-inch" plush Appa. The scare quotes are because... Well, here's a picture:


Bear in mind, SteelyKid is 20 inches in length. I'm not sure what dimension of the ginormous bison is 16"-- across the horns, maybe?

At Kate's baby shower, we got a great big teddy bear, and we had been thinking of using it as a standard reference for a photo series of SteelyKid (one picture a week as she grows). Now I'm leaning toward using Appa as our reference plush animal instead.


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The lateral stripes on Appa's back and tail look like they'd make good scale references. Go for it.

Hey, are you sure that's a sky bison? To me it looks more like a ladybird larva that's been training too much for the Olympics.

SteelyKid is still cuter, though.

Where can I get a sky bison? I've been looking everywhere online to get one of those!
If you could e-mail me a website or anything, I'd be very grateful! :D
Thank you!

By Melissa Hooper (not verified) on 30 Dec 2010 #permalink