Two-Word Lyrics Quiz, #2

I've got meetings and phone calls most of the day, so here's something to keep you amused. Each of the following two-word phrases is taken from a pop song, some well-known, some faintly obscure. If you think you can identify one, leave a comment containing a more complete version of the line in which it appears-- enough to indicate that you know the whole song. Then supply a new two-word lyric for other people to guess (or don't-- it's all good).

  1. strobe-lit space
  2. rowboats landing
  3. devil jumped
  4. wearing tulle
  5. she cat-sits
  6. circus floor
  7. said, quote
  8. talking allegorically
  9. wrestling gators
  10. spare bulb
  11. Texaco roadmap
  12. sadness hid
  13. fancy gloves
  14. platinum chain
  15. fake Jamaican
  16. government yard
  17. blistering cold
  18. Fidel Castro
  19. alabaster stones
  20. zucchini fettucini
  21. former gophers
  22. disco hotspot
  23. silver spaceship
  24. ain't amoebas
  25. full-time filth

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16 - "In a government yard deep down inside..."?

Wasn't sure if you wanted another two words from this tune or a fresh one so here both.

Same tune - "evil minds"

New tune - "fool nowhere"

15 - "That Fake Jamaican took every last dime in that scam, it was worth it just to learn some sleight of hand"

Modest Mouse, Float On

My new two-word clue: "Bumblebee mouth"

3) "And the devil jumped up on a hickory stump ..."

Two more words: "dog bite"

12) "Just like Pagliacci did, I try to keep my sadness hid."

Two more words: "glad expression"

13) "Fancy gloves though has MacHeath dear, ..."

Two more words: "scarlet billows"

20) "Not zucchini, fettuccine or bulgar wheat ... "

Two more words: "carnivorous habits"

21) "See my loafers? Former gophers."

Two more words: "albino African"

New song: "usual flair"

"We didn't go back to her place. We went to some place where she cat-sits. She said, 'I know I look tired but everything's fried here in Memphis." Great song: The Hold Steady, "Sequestered in Memphis."

9 - "After all these years wrestling gators
I still feel like crying when I think of what you said to me"

Two more words: kiss-me pucker

16. One of Bob's classics: "I remember when we used to sit in a government yard in Trenchtown." My entry: "electricity howls."

The intention was for the additional two-word phrase to be from a new song, not two more words from the same song.

"...government yard in Trenchtown" is the line I had in mind. I'm not sure what "deep down inside" is.

23. silver spaceship = The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight), TMBG

I can't think of a replacement at the moment. I'll try to think up something sometime today.

By Tom Renbarger (not verified) on 03 Oct 2008 #permalink

Just realized

17. blistering cold = "Stan" by Eminem

OK, that's 2 new entires IOU.

By Tom Renbarger (not verified) on 03 Oct 2008 #permalink

Sorry, didn't play exactly by the rules.

17. "We waited four hours in the blistering cold, and you still said no."

23. "In the spaceship, the silver spaceship, the lion waves goodbye."

I got:

TR1. Eyelashes sparkle

TR2. Peripheral vision

By Tom Renbarger (not verified) on 03 Oct 2008 #permalink

7: I called my Congressman. He said, quote/"I'd like to help you, son, but you're too young to vote"--"Summertime Blues". I don't know the original artist; the version I own is the cover version by the Who.

grg (#4): Making my entrance again with my usual flair--Judy Collins, "Send In The Clowns"

Replacement lyrics:

A. more Spam

B. midnight picnic

By Eric Lund (not verified) on 03 Oct 2008 #permalink

come lay your bones on the alabaster stones: "Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby," from the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack.

New song:

chilly, chilly

18: "...with Fidel Castro, talking about the fate of the Revolution."

Replacement lyric: new emotion

22: "The disco hotspots hold no charm for you"
25: "You'll wind up in some factory with full-time filth and nowhere left to go"
TR1: "Your eyelashes sparkle like gilded grass"

CN1: Marty McSorley
CN2: spitting gas
CN3: awful crime

By Cryptic Ned (not verified) on 03 Oct 2008 #permalink

Malthus #15: Falling on my head like a new emotion--Eurythmics, "Here Comes The Rain Again"


EL3. runaway American

By Eric Lund (not verified) on 03 Oct 2008 #permalink

Eric Lund -

In the day we sweat it out in the streets of a runaway American dream - Bruce, "Born to Run"

P1: Concrete shoes

Eric Lund: "Summertime Blues" was originally done by Eddie Cochran in 1958 (about a year before I was born). A San Francisco band called Blue Cheer did a fairly well-known metal version of it in '67 or '68.

Two for "Fidel Castro"
Field Commander Cohen, he was our most important spy.
Wounded in the line of duty,
parachuting acid into diplomatic cocktail parties,
urging Fidel Castro to abandon fields and castles.

and from Dylan's Motorpsycho Nightmare
I had to say something
To strike him very weird,
So I yelled out,
"I like Fidel Castro and his beard."

And to complete Stan's entry
"electricity howls in the bones of her face"

My two words worth
blue seraph

"The intention was for the additional two-word phrase to be from a new song, not two more words from the same song.

"...government yard in Trenchtown" is the line I had in mind. I'm not sure what "deep down inside" is."

That was from Citi Soleil by The Afghan Whigs, seem to remember you're a fan of them :)

11.Texaco roadmap

"fried chicken on the front seat she's sittin' in my lap
We're wipin' our fingers on a Texaco roadmap"

11b. hate tattooed

By aP5ea3Tb2 (not verified) on 04 Oct 2008 #permalink

21. "See my vest/See my vest/Made from real gorilla's chest/See my loafers/Former gophers/It was either that or skin my chauffers..."

By that master songsmith, C. Montgomery Burns...