Non-Election Live Blogging

It seems like everybody with a blog has put up a live-blogging/ open comment thread about the election. I can't really type fast enough to compete in this sort of thing, and anyway, it seems cruel to leave foreigners and apolitical types out of the fun.

So, for the benefit of those who can't vote or don't care, here's a non-election live-blogging/ open thread.

11:12: Put the dog out for "last call." Kate's taken SteelyKid upstairs. This joke has gotten tired, and so have I. G'night, everybody!

9:59: We're going to call it at this time-- SteelyKid is asleep. Time for Comedy Central's election coverage.

9:48: The monkey dance video has been viewed 1,352 times on YouTube. The "teaser" video embedded in Scalzi's post, 632 times. Just wanted to mention that.

9:42: With 67% of the precincts reporting, SteelyKid appears to be asleep.

9:33: After ~10 minutes of us carrying her around in the "airplane" position, SteelyKid goes into the sling. She wants to be asleep, really she does.

9:15: SteelyKid's issue appears to be a bit of leftover gas after she fell asleep immediately after her last meal. The standard colic-abatement tricks are working, but she won't be put down.

9:04: SteelyKid awakes! Hopefully not for long. She's now quietly watching the Food Network with Kate.

8:58: Crying from upstairs. Uh-oh.

8:46: Colbert rerun on tv. SteelyKid still sleeping, as is Emmy. I'm debating what to do during the 9:00 hour-- obsessive reloading of blogs, or trying to read Anathem?

8:29: the ice cream, for the record, was Ben & Jerry's vanilla. Cold, creamy, and goood. Also, boring and possibly socialist.

8:25 Kate comes downstairs, checks the Internet, and reports: "You are very silly." SteelyKid is asleep.

8:07 Jon Stewart goes to commercial. Time for ice cream.

7:52 A late contender emerges in the dessert competition-- apple crisp. Still quiet upstairs. This probably means Kate is rocking SteelyKid to sleep.

7:39 Continued quiet from the second floor. On the crucial ice cream question, 8:00 is leading in early returns.

7:32 Crucial question: Eat ice cream now, or wait half an hour, and have some during the Daily Show rerun at 8?

7:30 Quiet from upstairs. Maybe she's calming down, and going to sleep now.

7:25 Some shrieking from upstairs, where SteelyKid was being fed, and is now being burped. She hates that.


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"Jon Stewart goes to commercial. Time for ice cream."
Wrong: It's ALWAYS a good time for ice cream.

"Crucial question: Eat ice cream now, or wait half an hour, and have some during the Daily Show rerun at 8?"
See my previous comment.

Seriously, as much as I've hated the final months of the campaign, I LOVE this waiting stuff. I began watching political stuff with my dad when I was young; he died at 94 in 2002 but I've never stopped.
Enjoy this everyone.

8:22: SteelyKid sound asleep in her crib (fell asleep immediately after eating, but woke up when initially put in her crib, and then was cuddled into a deeper sleep).

I hope it wasn't strawberry (pink-o) ice cream.