Science Is Festive

Two announcements of science-related festivals have turned up in my email in the last week or so:

  • The second annual World Science Festival will be held in New York June 10-14 this year. They feature an impressive array of speakers again, including Nobel laureates (Physicists David Gross, Frank Wilczek, and William Phillips), well-known authors, distinguished scientists, and actors. Last year's festival was a huge success, by all reports, and let's hope this year's is as good. And, hey, it's not during DAMOP this year, so I might even be able to make the trip down if anything looks particularly good.
  • Some time ago, I floated the idea of a science film festival. I talked about the idea with higher-ups at Seed, but it never worked out, and then SteelyKid showed up to distract me. Somebody else had the same idea, though, and the Imagine Science film Festival is now accepting submissions, and will be an honest-to-God festival in New York in October. If you're interested in making science movies, check them out.

So, who says science is dull? Science is as festive as you can get without party hats.

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