51 Best Physics Blogs

A few other people got the same email I did, promoting a list of the 50 Best Physics Blogs put together by Accredited Online Colleges Dot Org. It's a fine list, with one glaring problem: They didn't include Matt Springer's Built On Facts. As you can probably tell from its frequent tagging for the daily links dump, I'm a big fan, and think Matt's got one of the best physics blogs going.

I could probably come up with a blog or two that I'd drop off the existing list, but that would be impolitic. So let's just add him as the 51st blog, leaving us one blog shy of a pack of cards. The comments of this post would be an excellent place to suggest who ought to be #52 (or maybe two additional blogs, so we could have a couple of jokers), or attempt to assign suits and values to the various blogs on the existing list.

Dude, those sites are nothing but link spammers. It's the same for the "Top 50 Women Science Blogs"--which is on some BestPhlebotomyTechnicianSchools cockamamie Web site--and all the other happy horseshit. The only reason they exist is to get credulous bloggers like you to link to them. It's total garbage.

what? no "Starts with a Bang?" what kind of list *is* this? I second PhysioProf.