Links for 2010-02-02

  • "That's what I worry about when I hear that there are too many "relativists" around: that the people complaining the most about that supposed surplus are the most supremely relativistic folks you might ever imagine encountering. "a
  • "Most tenure-track faculty members I work with seem to believe that they can achieve harmonious balance in their lives during the tenure-track years. To me, this is a problematic expectation because the structure of tenure-track life is one in which there's far more work to be done than time in any given day. Let's be clear -- if you have a stay-at-home partner who does the vast majority of household labor and child-care, you may be able to achieve balance in your life during your probationary period. But most of you are juggling multiple roles and care-giving responsibilities above and beyond new course preparations, heavy teaching loads, multiple service assignments, and ever-increasing research expectations. And you're often doing so with little social, financial, technical, and/or professional support in your departments, as well as varying in levels of assistance at home. In this context, the expectation of a balanced life seems just plain unrealistic."
  • Why am I so happy about [the cancellation of the Ares rocket program]? Because the project is over budget, it is behind schedule, and it is hugely expensive and lacking in innovation.

    But my hope is that this will do more. My hope is that it will force those applying to NASA for funding to be honest and competent in their budget proposals. If you wouldn't accept this kind of behavior from your auto mechanic then why would you accept it from your space agency and those whom it employs? "

  • "It's always better to leave the party early. If I had rolled along with the strip's popularity and repeated myself for another five, 10 or 20 years, the people now "grieving" for "Calvin and Hobbes" would be wishing me dead and cursing newspapers for running tedious, ancient strips like mine instead of acquiring fresher, livelier talent. And I'd be agreeing with them.

    I think some of the reason "Calvin and Hobbes" still finds an audience today is because I chose not to run the wheels off it.

    I've never regretted stopping when I did."


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