Thursday Substitute Baby Blogging 031810

Kate here, with some outdoor baby blogging:


I'd meant for this to be a comparison photo to this one from August. Unfortunately it's got neither Chad nor Appa for scale, and she's slouching, which diminishes the OMG HUGE effect—but not the killer cute.

One more outdoor picture and one indoor picture below the fold:

Here we have a somewhat crooked image of her joy at having her picture taken:


And here we have a Kate's-eye view of a very common sight here at Chateau Steelypips:


Yes, she's the cutest toddler in the universe, thank you for noticing.

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A few weeks back, I started a betting pool, inviting people to guess the birth date and sex of FutureBaby (now SteelyKid). Looking back over the entries, the winner was Kylinn, who correctly guessed August 7th and female. Kylinn wins, according to the original wager: The winner gets bragging rights…
Ah, the busy life of a modern homeowner: making phone calls, dealing with the mail, and doing some washing up: Meanwhile, outside the house, Emmy ponders whether it would be worth the effort to huff and puff, or if trying to blow the house down would just get her scolded. This isn't the greatest…
A busy sporting weekend for Chateau Steelypips: First, there were two NFL wild card games on Saturday, as a sort of appetizer for the real action on Sunday. The Colts borrowed a defense from somewhere, and despite Peyton Manning deciding to play like his little brother for the first half or so,…
I watched the game at a Super Bowl party hosted by some of our senior majors, because Kate didn't want to see it. Of course, the guys who hosted the party didn't have cable, so we were watching the game through a haze of static and swirly lines that made the weather look even worse than it was.…

Glad someone's holding down the fort and keeping up the tradition. I like the Kate's-eye view - very cute.

Very very cute. It could be fun to try to get picture of her in essentially the same poses over the next number of years.

By Prof.Pedant (not verified) on 18 Mar 2010 #permalink

Yep. Cutest toddler in the universe.

Thank you for the pictures, as always.

By Elizabeth (not verified) on 19 Mar 2010 #permalink