Radio DogPhysics: Northeast Public Radio Edition

I forgot to schedule a blog post to remind people to tune in to my appearance on WAMC's "The Roundtable" yesterday morning, talking about How to Teach Physics to Your Dog. If you missed it, and have fourteen minutes to kill, they have the segment on their audio archive now.

It went well, and I had fun. I was really flattered when somebody at work asked if I'd gotten the questions in advance-- actually, I only got into the studio about three minutes before the interview started. Nice to see that a real radio studio looks pretty much like what you see on tv and in movies, only smaller, as is usually the case with things shown on tv and in movies.

If you've been dying to know what I sound like, and have missed the many other opportunities to hear me talk, here's your chance. No dog voice, though. For that, you have to go to YouTube.

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