Links for 2010-10-13

  • "Gay issues have been in the news a lot lately, from the debate over same-sex marriage in Congress to a sickening rash of gay-bashing here in New York City. We see a lot of emotion out there, instead of information, and we wanted to provide some data-based context on sexuality so that people might make better choices about what they say, think, and do.

    We run a massive dating site and therefore have unparralleled insight into sex and relationships. Here's what we've found, in numbers and charts."

  • "Standing in the winners circle before a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden, Danny impressed judges and fans alike with his even temperament and self-assured attitude. Handler Kenny Earle said he was not at all surprised by the outcome, describing Danny as the most well-rounded boy he has seen in 17 years of training boys.

    "We knew we had a world-class show boy on our hands from the time Danny was 3," Earle said after rewarding Danny with a Rice Krispies treat. "I've worked with Asian mixes extensively, and they tend to be very skittish and shy--especially those from Korean stock. But not Danny. He's always been obedient, polite, and totally confident."

    "None of the other boys out there even came close to him," Earle continued. "Not even that gorgeous Afghan longhair.""


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