Thursday Toddler Blogging 110410

Welcome to this very-carefully-posed edition of Thursday Toddler Blogging:


That's Kate and SteelyKid reading The Cat in the Hat,shot from a slightly odd angle so as to hide the wicked shiner that SteelyKid is sporting, thanks to a tumble down the stairs on Tuesday morning (while I was getting ready to take her to the doctor, no less-- Tuesday was Not A Good Day). She's doing just fine, but it's really a terrible look.

This also continues the playing-with-the-camera trend of the last week or two, as this was shot without the flash. The angle is also chosen to put the lamp on the end table out of the frame (just to the left), and I'm pretty happy with the result. It's not the best Appa-for-scale shot, but we've got plenty of those already.

The next stage in camera experimentation is to try a different lens, but that'll wait a few days at least.

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I tend to think shots look better without the flash too. You may want to play around with the on-camera white balance, though. I also have an XSi, and I recommend the f/1.8 50mm or the 28mm prime. I have the 50 and it's great, but it's a little long for the XSi crop sensor. They both should be plenty fast for indoor candids.

"Remember that time that Steelykid fell down the stairs and got that wicked shiner?"

I encourage you to record the out-of-the-ordinary stuff. It's the exceptions that are the mileposts of our lives. (Just my humble opinion.)

I'm glad she's doing fine.

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I got home from work last night, and found that my son (almost 2 years old) had tripped near an open cupboard, and managed to get a cut (little more than a scratch) running from his brow to his cheek, right past his left eye. I think it gives him a bit of character.

I think it mostly just scared my wife.


I had to take my youngest of 4 in for his 2yo "well" child visit sporting a shiner, a goose egg, a lovely cut on his arm and multiple bruises. All from different attempts to break the law of gravity (some kids learn slower than others....). I told the doc she could call family services whenever she wanted. Nothing like having an inquisitive kid on a busy family farm.

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