Hey, Ho, Northern Ohio

Just a quick reminder that I'll be giving my "What Every Dog Should Know About Quantum Physics" talk (same basic one from Tuesday night) as part of the Saturday Morning Science program (pdf) at the University of Toledo tomorrow, Saturday the 19th. The talk will be at 9:30, with breakfast beforehand. If you're in the vicinity, stop by and hear about some cool physics. My cold is starting to improve slightly, so I should be audible, and I've added at least one Ohio-related joke to the talk, so you don't want to miss that.

In only vaguely related news-- indeed, it's probably only of active interest to people who are far away from northern Ohio-- the Slovak translation of How to Teach Physics to Your Dog is now available for pre-order, if I'm reading that correctly. Amusingly, if Google's translation is any good, they have it categorized under "Religion, Mysticism," which, yeah, not so much. But there are a bunch of other science-y things in the same series, so whatever.

And now, off to the airport...

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