Book Roundup: People Talking About Dog Physics

i-f71a4ed1b30ba721a274013a218ef0ce-sidebar_relativity_cover.jpgI've been falling down on the shameless self-promotion front, lately, but that doesn't mean I'm not tracking How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog obsessively, just that I'm too busy to talk about it. Happily, other people have been nice enough to talk about it for me, in a variety of places:

  • The most significant, in terms of probable impact on sales, is this excerpt at BoingBoing, which is the text for the dog dialogue from Chapter 8. This is the same dialogue that became the "Looking for the Bacon Boson" video, and, indeed, they were nice enough to include the video in the post, too. Woo-hoo!
  • Over at Backreaction, Bee gave the book a nice review ("a flawless popular science book that gets across a lot of physics in an entertaining way. If you always wanted to know what special and general relativity is all about and why it matters, this is a good starting point."). This is a huge relief not just because she said nice things about it, but because she didn't spot any huge mistakes, which I'm always paranoid about when I see actual physicists writing about my stuff.

There are also some more random mentions of both books, courtesy of the vanity Google search:

I've probably missed a few, too, because the vanity search mostly returns a whole slew of pages featuring sidebar widgets that embed text from this blog, or Bee's, and I'm sure I'll see nine million duplicates of the BoingBoing post. It's nice to see it out there getting talked about.

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Cool book. Have you tried putting your teachings to music?

I've heard that dogs associate certain frequencies with certain actions. Maybe this can be extended to learning relativity!

Perhaps I'll write a song about it for you :)