We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Since I've gotten a bunch of questions via email and Twitter, this probably deserves its own post: Yes, I'm aware that the ScienceBlogs front page and the Last 24 Hours and ScienceBlogs Select RSS feeds have gone dead.

Here's the story: The crack technical team and ScienceBlogs Headquarters is working around the clock to upgrade the back end from the creaky and kludgey Movable Type set-up we've had since the beginning to a shiny new WordPress system. They're moving posts over from MT to WP, and setting up new blog templates, and all that fun stuff.

While I have not been officially told that this is part of the process, my working assumption is that the front page and RSS feeds being frozen is a consequence of something done during the upgrade process. The Powers What Is have been informed of the situation, probably multiple times, and I'm sure they'll restore essential services as quickly as possible.

I probably would've put less effort into posting Select feed material last week had I known this was coming. As it is, I have a bunch of other things that require my attention, so I'll probably slow the posting pace until they get the upgrade sorted out.

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Seems they've got it fixed. At least for the time being.

By Lassi Hippeläinen (not verified) on 07 May 2012 #permalink