Uncertain Principles on Twitter

PrincipleWhat with all the angst lately over the impending death of Google Reader, I finally got over my inertia and am testing out the WordPress auto-tweet feature, because that's apparently how the kids get their blog feeds these days. I sort of hate Twitter feeds that are nothing but blog post links, though, so I've set up a separate account, @PrinciplesBlog for those posts. I'll continue my practice of social-media bombing the occasional blog post that I find particularly worthy of extra attention, but if you want to see absolutely everything, follow the blog account.

This nothingburger of a post, by the way, is serving as a test post to see if this auto-tweet thing actually works or not. I think I've got it set up right, but I don't have the best luck with computers, so you never can tell. Until you try it out, anyway.

Feel free to use the comments to this post as a space for suggesting Google Reader alternatives, by the way. I'm not in a huge hurry to switch, but, you know, it never hurts to have options.


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I'm trying Feedly, it's another rss-y thing so there's that. The format is different from Google Reader, but nothing I can't get used to. I think.

I’ve switched to NewsBlur, now that it’s working again. It’s impressive what a single developer can do, and he should have made enough money now to feed his dog and keep it running for a while.

For people without too many subscriptions, the WordPress.com “Blogs I Follow” isn’t just for WordPress blogs, and is a pretty good river of news.

By Carey Evans (not verified) on 19 Mar 2013 #permalink

I use "Netvibes", which in its default "dashboard" configuration is kind of painful, but can be configured in the "list of blogs down the left, text of posts on the right" arrangment that I am comfortable with from the old "Bloglines" days. (I think that still exists in some format too, and is owned by the same people who own Netvibes now.)