A Plan and a Story

OK, here's my idea: We put a leash on Emmy and we put her up on top of this rock that's on top of all these other rocks. Then she jumps down into these petals. so she'll be safe. And you pull on the leash so she jumps down a little faster.

I'm down here on the bottom. This is my arm, holding this petal. And this is my face. I'm holding the petal for Emmy to jump down into the petals, so she'll be safe.

The plan for tomorrow The plan for tomorrow

The Story of How Do Grasshoppers Run Away?

Once upon a time there was a grasshopper, and a grasshopper friend. They went to a lake to get a drink, and one of the grasshoppers fell into the lake. Then a shark ate him.

The grasshopper was inside the shark, and he tried to get out, but then he got out, and he ran away. He ran really fast, jumping with his legs up to his chin.

The shark was chasing him, but the shark couldn't get out of the water.

The end.

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