So Long, Summer

It's Labor Day in the US, and due to a weird quirk of scheduling, for once I didn't have to spend it at work. This is also the traditional end of the summer season, so SteelyKid and I went over to the JCC pool for one last dip and a final ice cream cone from the snack bar:

Last ice cream of pool season. Last ice cream of pool season.

She's gotten really good at swimming this summer, and in protest against the end of the season, she's wearing her swim goggles around the house. They're tinted blue, and she's declared that they're laser goggles, part of her superhero gear. She's now doing a complicated obstacle course through the whole first floor of the house, with The Pip in tow, and just awarded the Little Dude a medal for completing it.

Anyway, if you're in the US, I hope you had a good holiday. If you're elsewhere, I hope your Monday was nice. School for both me and SteelyKid starts next week, which will lead to a dramatic reduction in blogging here, so if things go quiet, that's why.

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