Sick Dude Day

The Pip has pinkeye. Again. This means he can't go to day care for at least one day, which means I'm home with him for the morning, and Kate will tag in at lunchtime so I can go teach my class. This, in turn, means that you don't get any substantive blogging today, because the second I start typing a real post, he'll demand... something. Hard to predict what.

Happily, this has done very little to dampen his mood-- he's fundamentally a very cheerful Little Dude, and we spent an hour or so at Panera chatting about birds and cars in the parking lot, and then ran some errands. And now, he's partaking of the truly essential elements of a Chateau Steelypips convalescence: kicking back in the red recliner with his Elmo shirt, his pacifier, and Jake and the Never Land Pirates on tv. With an empty box of Jake-branded Band-Aids for good measure.

For my part, the conjunctivitis diagnosis means I'm now paranoid about every single grain of pollen that hits my contact lenses and causes a tiny itch. But the Little Dude abides, and that's the important thing...

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