Uncertain Dots 20

In which Rhett and I talk about awful academic computing systems, Worldcon, our Wikipedia pages, and AAPT meeting envy.

Some links:

-- Rhett's Wikipedia entry

-- My Wikipedia entry

-- The 2014 AAPT Summer Meeting

-- LonCon 3, this year's Worldcon

-- My puzzling Worldcon schedule

We have some ideas for what to do next time, when our little hangout is old enough to drink, but you need to watch all the way to the end to hear those.


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I'd like to get your opinion/s on the so called Hutchison Effect.

Someone pointed out some videos and the ones with Hutchison sounded like techno-babble BS to me. But I'm just a broke down electrician, not a physicist. He claimed they proved the existence of previously unknown forces and potential sources of limitless energy.

Figured I'd ask someone who has a strong science background.